RMF Rock progresywny Playlista

RMF Rock progresywny
Time Artist Song
18:40 Pendragon Wisdom of solomon
18:29 Iq The darkest hour
18:10 Genesis Driving the last spike
18:08 U.k. Randez vous 602
18:03 Eye 2 eye A celebration
17:40 David gilmour There's no way out of here
17:29 Czesław niemen Człowiek jam niewdzięczny
17:10 Collage Moonshine
16:59 Eureka Departure
16:40 Mostly autumn Pass the clock
16:37 Yes Close to the edge
16:31 Loom Ptaki
16:10 D I'm coming down (i shall go back)
15:55 Jethro tull A new day yesterday
15:40 Red sand Submissive
15:37 Soft machine Out of season/second bundle
15:25 Riverside Story of my dream
15:10 Beggars opera Raymond's road
15:04 Karnataka Must be the devil
14:55 Eloy Ro setau
14:40 Dead can dance Opium
14:35 Pendragon A man of nomadic traits
14:29 Ankh Kraina umarłych
14:16 Panic room Skin
13:57 Marillion Incommunicado
13:40 Porcupine tree The sky moves sideways phase 2
13:10 Rush Red barchetta
13:04 Premiata forneria marconi Four holes in the ground
12:52 Spock's beard I know your secret
12:40 Pallas Sat sacing
12:37 Yes Going for the one
12:31 Dream theater Home
12:10 Muse Survival
12:05 King crimson Elephant talk
12:00 Grendel Illusions
11:40 Gracious Hold me down
11:32 Siena root Bhairavi dhun
11:27 Par lindh project The cathedral
11:10 Cannata King of the mountain
11:07 Pink floyd Sheep
10:40 Pineapple thief We love you
10:37 Knight area Exit l.u.m.c.
10:10 Lizard Spam#1
10:07 Sinister street Song for a day
9:58 Osi Shutdown
9:40 Iq Wurensh
9:39 Pendragon The walls of babylon
9:10 Genesis Dancing with the moonlit knight
9:08 Openspace Paper rose
9:03 Mostly autumn Helms deep
8:40 Roger waters Radio waves
8:33 Lunatic soul Moving on
8:31 Archive Again
8:10 Ankh Ziemia
7:58 Czar A day in september
7:40 Liquid shadow Observator
7:33 Jethro tull Locomotive breath
7:28 The night watch My ivory soul
7:23 Steven wilson Harmony korine
7:10 Ayreon Day five: voices
7:10 Moonrise In the labyrinth of dream
7:05 Svann Dotyk nocy
6:57 Pink floyd Hey you
6:40 Landberk Pray for me now
6:37 Derek sherinian Day of the dead
6:32 Genesis Los endos
6:09 Mindfields In this life
6:04 Morte macabre Symphonic holocaust
5:59 Albion Scarecrow
5:40 Riverside Forgotten land
5:39 Pallas Celebration
5:33 Yes Don't kill the whale
5:29 Collage The chanting
5:10 Pendragon Passion
5:01 Camel Another night (single version)
4:40 Porcupine tree The sky moves sideways phase 1
4:35 Anekdoten Sad rain (alt. mix)
4:31 Mostly autumn Passengers/distant train/answer the question
4:10 Didbo Global pictures
4:05 Revolution renaissance The vultures fly high
4:01 Gentle giant Think of me with kindness
3:50 Mullmuzzler His voice
3:47 Alan parsons project Eye in the sky
3:40 Czesław niemen Twarzą do słońca
3:28 The watch The world inside
3:10 Dream theater A change of seasons
3:00 David gilmour On an island
2:10 Solstice Sacred run (live edit)
1:48 King crimson Epitaph
1:41 The frost Milliontown
1:40 King crimson Epitaph
1:25 Ankh Erotyk
1:01 Wobbler Clair obscur
0:40 Iq Harvest of souls
0:34 Yes Homeworld
0:28 Lizard Psychopuls #001 (part ii)
0:10 Van der graaf generator Refugees
0:04 Genesis There must be some other way