RMF Queen Playlista

RMF Queen
Time Artist Song
18:57 Freddie mercury Foolin' around (steve brown remix)
18:55 Queen A kind of magic (return of the champions)
18:54 Queen Modern times rock 'n' roll
18:50 Queen Hang on in there
18:44 Queen Now i'm here (reprise)
18:42 Roger taylor Racing in the street
18:39 Queen Keep passing the open windows
18:37 Queen Radio ga ga (live aid)
18:32 Royal philharmonic orchestra Adagio
18:27 Queen Sail away sweet sister
18:22 Queen Crazy little thing called love (live at wembley stadium)
18:10 Queen The prophet's song
18:06 Queen Let me entertain you
17:58 Queen Back chat (live at the bowl)
17:54 Queen Sheer heart attack
17:51 Queen I want it all
17:46 Queen Marriage of dale and ming
17:42 Roger taylor Everybody hurts sometime
17:37 Queen I want to break free (live at wembley stadium)
17:35 Queen Loser in the end
17:32 Queen Action this day
17:28 Queen Jailhouse rock
17:25 Brian may Driven by you (live at the brixton academy)
17:21 Queen Staying power (live at the bowl)
17:19 Queen Tenement funster
17:14 5 seconds of summer Killer queen
17:10 Queen Bijou
17:08 Royal philharmonic orchestra Allegretto
17:07 Queen One vision
17:01 Freddie mercury How can i go on
16:53 Queen Party
16:49 Queen The night comes down
16:45 Queen Under pressure (live at wembley stadium)
16:42 Queen In only seven days
16:38 Queen I'm in love with my car (return of the champions)
16:34 Roger taylor Pressure on
16:31 Queen Hammer to fall (live magic)
16:28 Queen Bohemian rhapsody (live aid)
16:23 Queen Tie your mother down (live killers)
16:18 Queen Is this the world we created?
16:11 Queen My melancholy blues
16:09 Queen Somebody to love (feat. george michael)
16:05 Royal philharmonic orchestra Adagio misterioso
16:02 Queen Ride the wild wind
15:56 Queen Seaside rendezvous
15:46 Queen Another one bites the dust (return of the champions)
15:40 Brian may Another world
15:38 Queen Rock it (prime jive)
15:34 Queen My life has been saved
15:28 Queen Killer queen (rock montreal)
15:24 Queen The miracle
15:20 Queen We are the champions (live killers)
15:18 Roger taylor Man on fire
15:13 Queen Long away
15:09 Queen Guitar solo (live at the bowl)
15:05 Queen Vultan's theme
15:02 Queen We will rock you (live magic)
14:56 Freddie mercury Guide me home [piano version]
14:54 Queen Dreamer's ball
14:53 Queen One year of love
14:50 Royal philharmonic orchestra Allegro vivo
14:40 Queen Let there be drums
14:30 Queen Love of my life (live at wembley stadium)
14:26 Roger taylor The key
14:22 Queen All god's people
14:18 Queen Liar
14:16 Queen Bohemian rhapsody (live at the bowl)
14:03 Queen Radio ga-ga
13:57 Brian may Love token
13:55 Queen God save the queen (return of the champions)
13:50 Queen Crash dive of mingo city
13:44 Queen My baby does me
13:43 Queen Under pressure (rock montreal)
13:41 Freddie mercury Man made paradise
13:38 Queen One vision (live magic)
13:35 Queen No-one but you (only the good die young)
13:30 Royal philharmonic orchestra Andante sostenuto
13:25 Queen All dead, all dead
13:21 Queen Tear it up (live at wembley stadium)
13:12 Queen Tie your mother down
13:08 Roger taylor A nation of haircuts
13:06 Queen Dragon attack
13:01 Queen Now i'm here (live at the bowl)
12:54 Queen Let me live
12:51 Queen Save me (rock montreal)
12:43 Freddie mercury La japonaise
12:38 Queen '39
12:34 Queen Crazy little thing called love (return of the champions)
12:29 Queen My fairy king
12:26 Queen We are the champions (live at wembley stadium)
12:21 Brian may China belle
12:17 Queen Chinese torture
12:10 Queen We will rock you (movie mix)
12:09 Royal philharmonic orchestra Andante doloroso
12:07 Queen Another one bites the dust (live at the bowl)
12:05 Queen The hero
11:52 Queen Friends will be friends (live magic)
11:48 Roger taylor Killing time
11:44 Queen Hammer to fall
11:43 Queen We will rock you (fast version) (live killers)