RMF Hard & Heavy Playlista

Time Artist Song
2:08 Pearl jam Superblood wolfmoon
2:04 Paradise lost As i die
2:00 Apocalyptica Life burns feat. lauri ylönen
1:47 Acid drinkers The trick
1:38 Iron maiden Be quick or be dead
1:36 Twisted sister The beast
1:32 Virgin snatch G.a.w.r.o.n.y.
1:28 Pantera Walk
1:25 Dream theater Take the time
1:13 Blind guardian Into the storm
1:01 Motörhead Overkill
0:50 Ac/dc Whole lotta rosie
0:36 Helloween Power
0:22 Iron maiden Man on the edge
0:22 Diamond head Lightning to the nations