RMF Hard & Heavy Playlista

RMF Hard & Heavy
Time Artist Song
5:51 Helloween Power
5:47 Manowar Hail and kill
5:40 Testament Born in a rut
5:39 Van halen Don't tell me (what love can do)
5:33 Black sabbath God is dead?
5:28 Led zeppelin Good times bad times
5:22 Accept Restless and wild
5:14 Hammerfall Steel meets steel
5:11 Sabaton The red baron
5:07 Mastodon Blood and thunder
5:02 Kruk Embrace your silence
4:59 Motörhead Ace of spades
4:55 Vader Grand deceiver
4:47 System of a down Toxicity
4:44 Apocalyptica Refuse/resist
4:42 Iron maiden Be quick or be dead
4:38 Ac/dc You shook me all night long
4:35 Five finger death punch Gone away
4:31 Megadeth Hangar 18
4:28 Anthrax Madhouse
4:23 Dream theater Caught in a web
4:18 Judas priest Evil never dies
4:10 Halestorm Back from the dead
4:08 Avenged sevenfold Unholy confessions
4:03 Ceti Prawo pięści
4:00 Slayer South of heaven
3:55 Ghost Hunter's moon
3:51 Metallica St. anger
3:46 Virgin snatch G.a.w.r.o.n.y.
3:40 Ensiferum For those about to fight for metal
3:37 Paradise lost The longest winter
3:31 Death Sacred serenity
3:25 Mercyful fate Evil
3:21 Judas priest Painkiller
3:17 King diamond Dressed in white
3:10 Blind guardian The bard's song - the hobbit
3:06 Volbeat Leviathan
3:03 Iron maiden Hallowed be thy name
2:59 Kvelertak Ulvetid
2:54 Guns n' roses Paradise city
2:47 Disturbed No more
2:40 Machine head Old
2:37 Sabaton Uprising
2:28 Manowar Black wind, fire and steel
2:23 Skid row Monkey business
2:20 Rival sons Open my eyes
2:15 Metallica Fuel
2:10 Megadeth Poisonous shadows
2:07 Rob halford Man on the silver mountain
2:02 Pearl jam Running
1:56 Sepultura Roots bloody roots
1:51 Rage Lord of the flies
1:48 Faith no more Epic
1:44 Slipknot Bone church
1:39 Alice cooper Paranoiac personality
1:34 Dream evil Chasing the dragon
1:30 Metallica Spit out the bone
1:26 Judas priest Never the heroes
1:22 Hammerfall Hector's hymn
1:17 System of a down B.y.o.b. (bring your own bombs)
1:10 Iron maiden Running free (live)
1:07 Soundgarden Rusty cage
1:03 Slayer Angel of death