RMF Hard & Heavy Playlista

RMF Hard & Heavy
Time Artist Song
12:27 Dream theater Caught in a web
12:23 Guns n' roses Nightrain
12:16 Iron maiden Killers
12:13 Metallica Sad but true
12:09 Steve vai Erotic nightmares
12:04 Sabaton Carolus rex
11:58 Ghost Hunter's moon
11:54 Helloween I want out
11:49 Apocalyptica Life burns feat. lauri ylönen
11:46 Anthrax I am the law
11:42 Metallica 72 seasons
11:38 Tesla Party's over
11:32 Van halen Don't tell me (what love can do)
11:26 System of a down I-e-a-i-a-i-o
11:22 Ac/dc High voltage
11:16 Megadeth 13
11:13 Accept The rise of chaos
11:09 Iron maiden Running free (live)
11:03 Deep purple Strange kind of woman
10:54 Killswitch engage Unleashed
10:46 Rainbow Long live rock'n'roll
10:44 Def leppard Rock of ages
10:39 Blind guardian Mirror mirror
10:35 Mötley crüe The dirt (est. 1981)
10:31 Joe satriani Crystal planet
10:26 Metallica Crash course in brain surgery
10:16 Ensiferum Victory song
10:14 Tygers of pan tang Don't touch me there
10:04 Saxon And the band played on
9:59 Whitesnake Fool for your loving
9:56 Iron maiden The writing on the wall
9:53 Manowar Warriors of the world united
9:46 Metallica Lux æterna
9:43 Accept Stalingrad
9:37 Kvelertak Ulvetid
9:34 Dio Holy diver
9:28 Pearl jam Superblood wolfmoon
9:24 Soilwork Distortion sleep
9:18 System of a down Suite-pee
9:14 Alice cooper I'll bite your face off
9:11 Ac/dc For those about to rock
9:08 Ghost Faith
9:05 Paradise lost The last time
9:00 Avenged sevenfold Unholy confessions
8:55 Marylin manson We know where you fucking live
8:52 Mercyful fate Evil
8:46 Lindemann Steh auf
8:43 Slayer Raining blood
8:38 Overkill Birth of tension
8:36 Pantera Walk
8:32 Iron maiden Days of future past
8:27 Godsmack When legends rise
8:21 Sabaton Uprising
8:16 Scorpions / berliner philharmoniker Hurricane 2000
8:14 Titus' tommy gunn Big brutal swings
8:10 Hammerfall Let the hammer fall (live)
8:04 Judas priest Turbo lover
8:00 Led zeppelin Good times bad times
7:54 Yngwie malmsteen Priest of the unholy
7:46 King diamond A visit from the dead
7:45 Black river Revolution
7:39 Motörhead Ace of spades
7:33 Korn Falling away from me
7:29 Def leppard Pour some sugar on me
7:28 Disturbed No more
7:14 Ac/dc Back in black
7:10 Helloween Pumpkins united
7:06 Mastodon Andromeda
7:02 Judas priest Lightning strike
6:56 Megadeth Dystopia
6:51 Mötley crüe Knock 'em dead, kid
6:46 Faith no more Epic
6:44 Halestorm Back from the dead
6:40 Metallica Fuel
6:35 Evergrey These scars
6:32 Sepultura Roots bloody roots
6:27 Blind guardian Battlefield
6:21 Revolution renaissance Ghost of fallen grace
6:16 Paradise lost As horizons end
6:12 Judas priest Hell bent for leather
6:08 Voodoo circle Devil's daughter
6:02 Korpiklaani Let's drink
5:59 Manowar Hail and kill
5:53 Dream theater Take the time
5:46 Orange goblin The wolf bites back
5:44 Black sabbath Iron man
5:36 Iron maiden Stratego
5:32 Ac/dc T.n.t.
5:26 Halford Silent screams
5:16 Ensiferum For those about to fight for metal
5:10 Anthrax Perpetual motion
5:05 Exodus As it was, as it soon shall be
5:01 Hammerfall Steel meets steel
4:56 Judas priest Dragonaut
4:51 Apocalyptica I don't care
4:46 Diamond head Lightning to the nations
4:43 King diamond Arrival
4:39 Megadeth Public enemy no 1
4:34 Def leppard Rock rock (till you drop)
4:29 Sabaton Bismarck